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Product Detail for BMM-144

Item Code: BMM-144
Item Name: Number 44 - March 2006

Item Description: Tips: Double your sales. Here’s How. John Christianson’s Cruller Flower, Todd Neufeld’s Chicken Costume, Baseball Bear, Birthday Boy, and Easy Woven Ball, Brian Asman’s Bunny, Don Caldwell’s Ladybug Hat Show and Tell: “The Fabulous Flying Pterodactyl Hat” by Fumio Horikoshi, “A Quick Stick of balloon bamboo for a family of Pandas” by Fabrizio Bolzoni, “From Super Hero to Super Waiter” by Ken Stillman, “Throw another balloon on the Barbie” by Charles Dolbel, “A Lucky Leprechaun” by Nancy Dalton, and three generations of twisters with The Mad Hatter - a.k.a. Lincoln B. Johnson. Spotlight: Guido Verhoef, CBA, of Zutphen, The Netherlands

Prodcut Image:
Item Price: $ 7.00
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